My Journey

img_2017I’m engaged to be married to my best friend, my anger button pusher and the soil that holds me firmly into the ground … and guess where it happened … in Italy.

In about a weeks time I will be out of a job and have already applied for numerous posts but the Universe isn’t ready for me yet.  Fear not… I do have a sense that I am about to start something big, as I have been having dreams with water in it.  For me, water signifies cleansing, making way for something new and I can assure you it’s all very exciting. 

I weigh more than I have ever weighed before,

Routine has gone out the door,

My wobble is wobbling more,

Than it ever has before.

(A wee little rhyme – rather negative I know – sorry)

I do however feel rather positive about things; my foundations are set deep into the Earth, where I will serve for infinity and beyond.

Saturday – Replicate the Beauty within.

So… today I thought about who I am.  I planted my seed of self acceptance and will now start to slowly feed this with creativity.  I love using my mind and being creative.  Sometimes I wish I had a a canvas the size of a wall to express colour and emotion on.  At the moment my creativity is pouring out through cooking.  Creating food to feed my belly and the bellies of my loved ones. 

What could I possibly create to make me feel alive and energised?

Friday – Enlighten me! 

I went to see RUBY WAX on her Frazzled Tour …   I love what she’s doing and I believe she is a very strong woman, such an inspiration, full of hope.  I am becoming a fan.  I also checked out her interview with Donald Trump and you could too …

Ruby took so much flack from him but put on her brave mask, she must have gone home and taped his face to a punch bag.

Tuesday – Make me flow! 

I’m going to try acupuncture today.  I feel I have a number of blockages in my body, whether they be mental or physical, they are stopping me from doing what the Universe has requested me to do.  So I’m on a mission as I know that I’m going to do something amazing soon.  I can’t wait… because all I want to see is everyone smiling. 
I think once upon a time I thought that ending my life would make everyone smile and have a stress free life but I know now that that’s definitely not the answer. 


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