Cheese or Romance?

JP Coopers song, ‘September Song’ has been rolling in my mind all day.  I think it’s such a beautiful song.  Not many of them around these day.  JP Cooper sings it and he’s an 80’s child, like me.  I was listening to it with my fiance’… well sharing it with him and I was totally getting into the beat, JP’s voice, the lyrics and was feeling so in love.  Out of the blue, with no warning at all Fiance’ comments coldly, ‘It’s CHEESY’!!!

Have a listen on YouTube and share your thoughts with me, is it Cheese or Romance?

For those of you who love reading lyrics when a song is playing:

Hey World!  I just bought tickets to go and see JP Cooper on tour!  O2 Shepherds Bush here I come.  He has such an amazing voice… he could sing to me all day long.  He’s definitely ROMANTIC!!

Anything that makes my heart ooze and my body fill with Serotonin is great for me at the moment.  I truly feel sad sometimes because my love is not reciprocated, there’s a hole in my throat filled with numbness.



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