21 day habit buster – day 2

Well, so far, I’m not overly happy.  I can’t say I have stuck to my three simple goals to the best of my ability.

  • I am definitely drinking water before every meal.  Before I put anything in my mouth is another thing.  I find I put lots of food in my mouth simply just when I walk past anything.  When I am preparing a meal I’ve realised I actually eat a meal by grazing and tasting the meal which I am cooking.
  • Eat three meals a day.  Yes I’m doing this too.
  • Walking for 20 mins a day.  Have not even started.

Until I can do all three things in one day I can’t start to break my habit.  Furthermore, I have started to realise just how much I love food and the feeling of being overly full.  What could I possibly do to take this pleasure away?  … here I go again … drifting away from the task in hand.  Three simple goals.


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