21 day habit buster.

Tried almost everything under the sun that doesn’t involve a knife or going under anesthetic, only further failing to eradicate those ‘bad’ habits.

After all that soul-searching, (reading books, yoga, hypnosis, sports, fat clubs, you name it) I have come to the realisation that I possess some bad habits that really irritate me.  Yes, ‘MY’ bad habits really irritate ‘ME’!

What am I going to do about it? (Reader, I would be overjoyed if you joined in and shared your progress with me)

Step one: I am going to firstly list my irritating habits, in order of what comes to my mind first:

  1. Eating at times other than meal times (at the table from one plate)
  2. Given up on walking
  3. Not drinking water when I feel hungry to work out whether my body is hungry or thirsty
  4. I think this is enough for now.

Step two: I will now turn these negative points into positive mini goals:

  1. Eat three meals that make my taste buds dance every day
  2. Walk for 20 minutes a day in rain, sun, snow or wind and enjoy the sensations of the weather against my skin.
  3.  Drink some water before I put anything else in my mouth.
  4. Do this for 21 days and set some more mini goals.

To keep me on track, I have devised a little chart that I will keep with me and update…


I will be back tomorrow with an update of what I achieved on my first day.  🙂


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