Change your life with positive affirmations

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think, we become.” – Buddha

“Anybody can do anything.” – Me

I have always believed that anyone can do anything.  Just look at this page …

… Full of people with physical disabilities (paralympians) using the strength in their mind to channel their bodies.  To name a few super humans, William Bayley (Men’s C7 singles event), Hannah Cockroft (Women’s T34 400m final).

Let’s not forget the super humans, Olympians, Usain Bolt (Worlds fastest runner) and Michael Phelps (speedy swimmer).

We then only have to look at this page … … full of super humans trying to set the record for many crazy things, like setting the most rat traps on a tongue in a minute, this is just so crazy.

The Guinness World Records is another place to find some interesting humans. gamers completing two day marathons, longest time holding breath voluntarily underwater whilst suspended upside down and many more.

So I think I have proved my point that anyone can do anything!  If all these people can do these things then what is stopping you from doing what you truly want to do?

To change your life with positive affirmations, you need to create a mindset that will allow change to take place.  In my experience you need to first truly believe in every corner of your heart that YOU can change YOUR life.

Fill your heart with gratitude on a daily basis…. Try reading my post on ‘Gratitude’ by clicking on the link.

… Filling your heart with gratitude makes you feel positive as you are reminding your beautiful brain about all the good in your life.

With you, every cloud has a silver lining’…. something someone said to me the other day.

To be continued…. watch this space…






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