There must be more, there must be a way.

I consider myself to be young even though I may have lived half of my life already.  This blessed Life has taught me many things for which I am truly grateful for.  Growing up, my family were never the type to enforce things on me, I was a girl and all ‘good’ girls behaved in a certain way.  I had rules to follow, so I followed them, never really feeling satisfied, useful or even challenged.  Living a passive life where the female of the species cooked, cleaned, smiled, prayed, didn’t drink alcohol or eat meat and held the family together with a fake mask of strength and togetherness.  Well at the time it all seemed fake.

I just needed to get out there into the big wide world and find another version of me that I was happy living in.  I have searched high and low for me, never being satisfied with what I have, ‘there must be more, there must be a way’.


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