The Magic Worry Box


 Have you ever felt the need to continuously worry about anything and everything? 

Do you find yourself worrying about things that you can’t really do much about at the time?

Do you find it difficult to focus on ‘the task in hand’?

Worries are important as they are a part of our mind, a part of us.  So instead of letting them float around in your head continuously, watching the carousel go round and round, each horse a thought, hypnotising your mind into a state of worry, you could simply write them down and put them in your personal ‘Worry Box’.

Like ‘magic’ your worries will slowly clear out of your mind and you will be able to think clearly.

One important thing, like I said a worry is important, it’s a part of you.  You must visit your worry box when you have half an hour of time that you can dedicate to your worries.  Look at each one of them in turn and address how you can ‘take care’ of this worry.

Write down your solution and once you are happy that it has been resolved you can simply discard of it. If you struggle to find a solution, simply put it back in the box and come back to it when you have your next worry session.  There’s always a right time for everything.  Go with the flow.

When you try this technique, please share your thoughts and comment below, let’s help others manage their thoughts.


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