The Bottom Line

Along the way I learnt about EFT and how to release the build up of negative energies from my body through the tapping of my meridian points. I learnt this about 10 years ago and never really felt the benefit of it until this stage of my life.

‘I completely and profoundly love and accept myself’.

This is all you need to remember.  It enlightens me in every way, sense and form, allowing me to enjoy life in sometimes an instant.


I have been abandoned, or some may say I have runaway.  Me running away from any sign of being attacked or hurt, I think we all do this, it’s a natural thing embedded in us called ‘Anxiety’.  Life sometimes throws weapons and gifts at you and you can not really tell what’s being thrown and how it will impact you until after you have been struck.

Our natural instinct puts a barrier up trying to deflect the weapon making contact. If you get hurt enough times you start to deflect all things that are thrown at you.

Continuously raising and lowering our defence barriers becomes exhausting. 

Eventually we just keep up our defences. 

Sometimes you even push away helpful things.


A damaged person needs to be approached very gently in all situations. Aggressive and vulgar approaches do not work with a damaged person. They only agitate the individual stirring up a small mini harmless twister which can very quickly and easily become a destructive hurricane sweeping clear everything that comes in its way.

What Next?

All I know at present is that I must remind myself that I need to ‘completely and profoundly love and accept myself’.
I do believe in myself and I know that what I am capable of and that is anything. Anything I want to be, I can be. Just like everyone else on this planet. You can all be the best you can be. Remember to respect and love one another.

Throw away baggage?

Could it be as simple as throwing your baggage away? Letting go of your extras and living a simpler life where focus is not emphasised on making sure you have your luggage with you, but focus on yourself. Your being. You!


Well in theory that does seem like the easy option and maybe the only way. In practice for some reason I feel like I’m continuously retracting the diseases that I have already cured. It’s like a reoccurring cancer, that takes a lot of chemo to get rid of.

Maybe I’m using the wrong medicine. Maybe my diagnosis is wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t treat this as a disease and maybe I should just believe that it is a virus that passes.


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